Here we poke fun, snigger, throw rotten eggs and pretend we don`t care (while shedding a tear) about those uber-depressing newsbits that seem to appear everyday across the Net. Stick to the "News" section if you`re prone to melancholy, over there everything is A-OK...



Oh For Crying Out Loud, Kojima-san...
So, you`ve already forgotten about one of last year`s Misogyny In Videogames low-lights? No worries, Hideo`s on hand with a reminder: "PlayArtsKAI's Quiet is coming soon. Yoji, a supervisor says some soft materials enables to be pushed & lifted. lol"

If your day lacks a serious dose of "seedy", there`s a photo too.

"Lol"? More like a "facepalm".


25.04.2015 Sat

Steam Starts Paid Mods Initiative
So, the "saviour of PC Gaming" saves it again. Or something. Furthering the MONETIZE EVERYTHING trend permeating modern videogaming Valve just announced that it will allow modders to charge money for their creations.

There are two things even more depressing that this fact itself. First - the astonishingly unfair split figures: 25% for the modder and 75 for Gabe and publishers, and second, the amount of apologists who think it`s a great idea. Though the latter was to be expected, it`s simple psychology after all.

UPDATE: Well, whaddaya know, the negative feedback was so forceful they canned this ill advised initiative. For now, that is.


21.04.2015 Tue

Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter Canceled

Some months ago a company named TSI (Tactical Simulations Interactive) have formed with a goal of becoming a spiritual successor to SSI - brave claim, but there are a few key people from the old company involved, so not just empty words.

Their first project: Seven Dragon Saga, high fantasy CRPG aiming to revive the glory of the Gold Box days. Here at Arkham Manor we consider these classics as the best role-playing games ever - with unmatched (to this day) turn-based combat. Therefore we approached this announcement rather cautiously - positively, but with hefty dose of skepticism (no surprises here, eh).

Unfortunately the warning signs that hung over this project - rather vague statements and lack of any concrete gameplay - proved true...teh creators pulled the plug on the Kickstarter mid-way due to underwhelming performance.

It`s kind of hard to make out what`s their real angle - on one hand these are real industry veterans, on the other their pitch was extremely weak and there was no sign of any actual coding being done. Who knows...they promise to return with revised Kickstarter but frankly we don`t really have any hopes for their game - even if released it probably will be some CRPG-lite in Shadowrun`s vein. Shame, because there`s nothing we here at AM desire more than a true GoldBox successor...

Thankfully, the FRUA community is still going on strong, producing new modules for Unlimited Adventures - SSI`s swansong release that let`s you create your own Gold Box escapades.


26.02.2014 Wed

Thief Reboot Released
Nothing to add really - the headline says it all. This is one reboot that should have never happened - original Thief is one of the best games of all time and the only people who could do it justice would be Looking Glass Studios, its creators. In our day and age such games haven`t got a place and this sexed up & dumbed down rubbish is the best proof. Luckily the reviews aren`t as sycophantic as was the case with Deus Ex: Human Revolution... The original Garret still remains the only true Thief for us here at AM.

03.02.2014 Mon

Solatorobo Sequel Coming (Well, Kind Of)
Solatorobo was a cracking NDS jRPg, so of course upon reading on oprainfall that "Solatorobo Sequel, Little Tail Story, Announced" we felt allowed to crack a smile...which faded rather quickly upon reading that "it`s for the mobile devices".

And so, the Great Japanese Decline continues - if it`s not a free-to-p(l)ay then it`s for the mobile. Or both. Sigh.

31.12.2013 Sun

MicroDeviltry From Hell
Yep, 2013 might as well be the year when videogaming died - or, in other words, microtransactions came out the closet and staked their claim to mainstream games. It is a serious situation, perhaps teh worst threat our beloved medium have seen so far. Read a not-too-bad write up regarding the subject in Edge. As they say, perhaps there`s a sliver of hope...but our skeptical nature weighs it as a very light one.

04.10.2013 Sun

Homeworld Back From The Dead..As An F2P zombie
Homeworld, the sci-fi RTS paragon, dwelled in limbo for nearly a decade. After THQ - the rights holders - went bankrupt recently, there was some hope for a serious party taking over and a true reviwal of this stellar series.
Unfortunately, it seemed to have attracted the wrong kinda crowd. First, there was an unsuccesful (thank *#@$) Kickstarter by some kids hoping to snatch the rights, then see what happens... then all went suspiciously quitet...and finally the winning bidder turned out to be the big boys at Gearbox. Not bad, huh? Well, maybe so - if it happened during the time before this once reliable studio`s credibility was damaged by series of clusterfucks - aka Duke Nukem Forever plus that Aliens "game" (never even mind milking the Band Of Brothers franchise to within the inch of its life).

Long story short, a pattern emerges, where Gearbox picks up rights to some beloved franclohise and releases some very poor product that sells on the strength of the name alone. Here, it`s been more straighforward - apart form planning to simply release "HD" versions of Homeworld 1/2, they just skipped the hassle of developing a new entry to the series, instead passing the rights on to Blackbird Interactive, so they can use the Homeworld brand on their currentl project; Hardware: Shipbreakers. Project which started as a Facebook game, is free-to-play, and in words of one of the devs: "Hardware is really a different kind of RTS experience that isn't found in Homeworld or any other RTS".

Sure, sure, it`s just us cynics, always spitting venom and spoiling the fun. It still might turn out to be great, right?! Yeah, maybe, but our proverbial breath here in AM is certainly not being held.
The whole mess story, via Polygon.

15.09.2013 Sun

Cult: Awakening Of The Old Gods canceled
About a year ago one guy asked people on Kickstarter to help funding his ambitious project: an open world roguelike with an extensive feature set. He asked for a modest 5,000$ - and raised nearly 7 times as much. Unfortunately, as BeefJack reports, he just announced that the money has ran out...and the game has been canceled.
This story could serve as a perfect word of warning to future Kickstarter wannabees (don`t bite more than you can chew) and backers (be cautious about wild claims from unproven sources). It could also bring more attention to one of the crowdfunding`s major flaws - the stretch goals madness. These often belong to a fantasy world of their own - are unreasonable or pulled out of thin air. Well, it could - but somehow we doubt it will.

Meanwhile, on the other end of Kickstarter scale, Star Citizen people have just announced a new stretch goal: 20 mil USD will assure there`s a planetary FPS combat in the finished product. Make out of it what you wish...

21.01.2013 Mon


Poor old Atari - the US branch - has filled for bankruptcy. Oh what a, wait, actually - BURN IN HELL, YOU CORPORATE SPAWN!

Ummm...ok, sorry about that. The truth is, this is not the Atari the more ancient of us used to love (or hate, if you were in the ZX/C64 camp) - certainly not the "Pong creators", like, quite hilariously, some child writing for Gamespot calls it. The real Atari died in the last century, somewhere around 1998, after Jack Tramiel got out of business and it was sold for measly 5 mil to Hasbro (and later on to Infogrames). Since then it was just a brand, with no connection to old glories whatsoever. Cool logo to put on ome T-shirts and brand some random videogames with, pretending it`s all in the "spirit" of the original.

Yuck. Unfortunately the US branch hopes to live on in some zombified state, concentrating on - no surprises here - digital and mobile markets. Oh please, just let it die peacefully...

15.12.2012 Sat


Vultures are circling over S.T.A.L.K.E.R`s corpse according to Gamespot - this time it`s about who owns the IP rights, have look for yourselves as we have no mental stamina to make any comments about this sorry affair. The wound after losing one of the best PC games ever is still too fresh.




11.12.2012 Tue

Inazuma Eleven

Sega continues its mad quest to completely destroy its glorious reputation: Edge reports that they just sued Level 5 for violation of two patents. Namely: "the manipulation of a character in game with the usage of a stylus or one's finger." What are you saying? That it is completely vague and can relate to just about anything? No worries, they came prepared...and if you check the handy/crazy diagram on the site you`ll see that the patent relates specifically to a movement in a football game. Or something....truly depressing stuff.



07.05.2012 Mon

Bravely Default

Arkham Manor residents are a pretty jaded bunch, and quite used to term "massive disappointment". And yet, this one hurts pretty bad. Yep, Grand Knights History - gorgeous turn-based jRPG for PSP from Vanillaware, which we reported over half a year ago as being localised, has just been dropped by XSEED Games.

Hell knows what happened - "official" reason is that Vanillaware has to concentrate on some other game and XSEED lacks staff to handle the translation themselves. Well, whatever - maybe the party that is really responsible should think the whole thing through in greater detail... These days hearing about superb Japanese titles staying in Japan is nothing surprisng - we "got used" (yeah, right) to that. But this is cruel - to announce a translation, complete with Amazon preorders and such, only to silently back off the project months later...really poor form. It only shows a growing divide between the two markets and further marginalisation of once popular genre and its fans.


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