CRT SCR$ Project v0.1 released

Long time in the making, Arkkam Manor's own CRT SCR$ project has finally reached the release stage. Version 0.1 is still sort of experimental but does cover quite a few platforms nonetheless. Head on to the projects page for more details.


Tinyus announced for Amiga

Developer Pink^abyss & his team have just announced the imminent arrival of their next production: an Amiga conversion of Gradius/Nemesis game. Judging by the outsanding quality of their previous efforts (Tiny Invaders, Tiny Galaga and Tiny Bobble), it's definitely something to look forward to.


ZX Spectrum Next Clone Board

A real alternative for those who have missed out, or could not afford the ZX Spectrum Next during its recent Kickstarter. Costs ~150E with VAT, and you still need to add some bits and pieces (wifi, PSU, keyboard), but it's definitely an interesting and welcome option. Will be "available soon" from the ultimatemister.com web shop.


Impossible Mission 3, or How To Make A Proper Retro Sequel
This homebrew take on the famous franchise has appeared completely out of the blue. If it plays as good as it looks then "Boba Fonts", the dev responsible for its creation, will have a real winner on their hands.


Happy Birthday Mr Sinclair!
The venerable savant turns 80 today. Time flies, eh! Here's to a century (well, nearly) of an off-beat, ingenious design.

This great postcard was made by MCH, check out more of his stuff on ZX Art.


ZX Spectrum High Score Club
The universe's only ZX Spectrum-dedicated high score competition* - ZX HSC - is off to a frantic start! Hosted at Spectrumcomputing.co.uk forums, the first round features two olden classics: Bomb Jack and Penetrator, plus a modern TV tie-in: Nohzdyve.

It's a very relaxed compo, meant to generate some no-pressure high score chasing, banter, and celebrate ancient videogames. You can join at any time in the season, and new players are always welcome.

*citation needed


Now Playing...Oh Mummy
This classic labyrinth game never gets old. Wrap'em up!

Attack On Alpha Centauri
BBC Micro (1983)


Mag Quest

Mag Quest: C64 AV mod

crtscr$CRT SCR$ Project: Saving the CRT look, one photo at a time.

TrailblazersTrailblazers: Crush, Crumble & Chomp

RND 5050RANDOMIZE USR 5050: Gwiezdne Imperium vs The Circuit

RND 5050OBSCURE HSC: Sea Battle