The Date........ August 1982
The Mag......... Video Games vol.1 #1
The Bit......"Pac-Man Fever" Songwriters Interview


Back in the early Eighties, Pac-Man was the undisputed champion of the videogame landscape. First a major hit in the arcades, it offered something totally different from the usual sci-fi shooter and Pong-clone fare. Even the terrible Atari port sold like hot cakes. The game appealed to everybody, not just arcade geeks, and became a social phenomenon, spawning things like the ker-razy "Pac-Man Fever" album - collection of songs inspired by various videogames of the time. The main song is not bad at all and it charted in Billboard top 10...

Here's a snippet from the interview with Buckner & Garcia - the guys behind the tune...


Serious musicians or a couple of hacks? We'll leave it up to you to decide. Sounds like they had fun, at least for a while though:Pac Fever Interview

One can only wonder if those plans for huge projections in "arenas" were actually realized. Not sure if we'd like to hear that country version though...





In the pre-Internet era, the Videogame Magazines ruled supreme as the only source of inforation available. Once a month you could pick up a copy of your favourite mag and immerse yourself in a tresure trove of gaming-related info.

The best ones - think Your Sinclair, A.C.E. or Computer Gaming World, amongst others - had inimitable style and were much more than just news/cheat code sources. The quality of writing, art and humour was quite often top notch, having much more to do with proper journalistic standards than their modern equivalents.

Here in Mag Quest section we'll trawl through the digitized versions of these forgotten treasures, looking equally for the brilliant, the bizarre, but also, the quite mundane and seemingly insignificant.


Pac Man Fever
(Aug 1982)

BASIC Invaders
(Nov 1981)