CRT SCR$ PROJECT - preserving the CRT look for future generations
WHAT? - CRT SCR$ Project is an attempt to build a collection of photos of software from the SD-era displayed on CRT TVs or monitors.

WHY? - in our opinion media displayed on a CRT units had a specific "look", which is nigh on impossible to replicate on modern panels (even though using shaders and/or hardware solutions can get you quite close). It's down to the heady mixture of magical intrinsic qualities of a CRT tube, such as electrons, glow, masked shadows (hmmm?), scanlines, glass, MAGNETS!, and ephemeral alien dust (citation needed). The old games were designed on, and for CRTs , and look significantly different when displayed on modern TVs and monitors.

Nowadays the retro landscape is dominated by people using modern panels and most of the images or videos available online are captured on these displays. This project will try to preserve the original CRT look, and build a collection of quality images coming from a variety of retro-platforms.

HOW? - Basic requirement: CRT TV or monitor. Outputting from original machines is preferred, but emulation as a source also counts, as long as it's mentioned and correct emu display settings used in regard to aspect ratio. All signal sources (eg RF, composite) are also welcome.

PROBLEMS? - Moire. Hz. White balance... Is there anything harder to capture properly than a CRT display? Any advice on dealing with the IQ-destroying artifacts will be most appreciated. This is also the reason why our early efforts you can see on this page are rather imperfect...

WHEN? - v0.1 of the collection will be hopefully available somewhere in Autumn 2020.