ArchiveRL v0.0.2  released 03-Apr-2016.

This collection contains Roguelike Archive, a project aiming to collect in one place all the roguelikes ever released. This means actual files of roguelikes that are freely available and making record of those that are not available at the moment: commercial, web/mobile/other and missing ones. It is a work in progress and this release is the second part of this project.

Main downloads at

Magnet link for torrent version from which you can actually choose which files to download (the Archive torrent only lets you to leech the whole file): (you need to copy and paste this link into your browser window, for some reason it`s the only way it works) 

-added ALPHA section (mostly based on irldb)
-updated BETA+STABLE/DOS/SOURCE sections
-reorganised: everything is now just contained in separate categories, without the "original" duplicate versions

2) THIS IS AN INCOMPLETE WORK IN PROGRESS. As such this release only contains the first two parts of the planned Archive: Win/DOS BETA+STABLE and ALPHA directories (ie roguelikes that classify as such, with sources where available. DOS directory might contain some files outside this classification due to narrow scope of this platform). It is based on International Roguelike Database.

Future releases will add these directories:
-HACKS & FORKS and OTHER (all the variants of "original" RLs and hard to classify ones, ETA: ~summer 2017)
-7DRL (all the "competition" RLs, ETA ~winter 2017)
-ALPHA/BETA/STABLE/OTHER expanded - all the RLs not included in the IRLdb and missed in the initial sweep, ETA - 2018

3) IT HAS BEEN SCANNED with freshly updated Avast/Malwarebytes: there are 3 malware warnings (Owlnest, Shadow Of The Wyrm (XP) and Bardess). I`m 99.7% sure these are false positives, but you may want to quarantine/destroy these files if you feel unsafe.

4) COPYRIGHT: to my best knowledge all the files contained in this torrent are publicly available free of charge and are suspect to assorted licenses that make it possible to release them here. If you have an objection regarding any of the content included here - be it files, docs or anything else - please contact me ( so we can discuss it, any valid claims will be of course respected, content removed and the collection updated accordingly.

5) CONTRIBUTING: I`m always on the lookout for more files/docs, errors and inconsistencies in the archive, volunteers to speed up the crawl and for any ol` feedback altogether. Contact:

CHANGELOG for v0.0.2

-reorganized the initial structure from v0.0.1: the "Originals" duplicate section is now gone
-added the ALPHA directory
-updated the BETA+STABLE, DOS, SOURCE directories. Here`s a detailed list:

Ananias 1.79
Wesmaze 1.00
Zomia 0.0.4
DoomRL [src]
Dungeon Mercenary 16.12.14
The Endless Dungeons 1.30d
Monster Seas 0.2.1
Robot Zombie Ninja Wizard 1.0.5
Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson 1.11.8
City Of The Damned 1.0.6
Snowfallen 1.1
Goblin Dungeon 0.2
CryptoRL 1.0
CryptoRL 2 1.0
Caverns Of Xaskazien II 68.65
Demon's Sword 1.6

Infra Arcana 18.2
Larn 14.0
Quest For The Unicorn 6.3
Gearhead 1.302
rng clrc 0.71
Lost Labyrinth v5.3.1
The Veins Of The Earth 13.0
ToME 1.4.9
Fame 0.9.12
The Ground Gives Way 2.1.3
Ivan 0.50.8
Professional Adventurers League v1.0.0
The Temple of Torment 13.0
Daedalus (Dragonslayer/The Hunger Games (fx)) 3.2
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.19.5

Rogue Planets 1.3

Angband 3.0.6
Dungeon 6.0
Hero v1.0
The Legend of Saladir v0.34
Dungeon Of Death v1.0
Leygref`s Castle v1.0
Mission Mainframe v3.2
Amulet Of Yendor v1.0

Dungeon 6.0





ArchiveRL v0.0.1 released 12-Apr-2016


If you have any comments regarding the above or just wish to contribute, please write to - all due credit will be given on these pages.